Redefining Independence

As an alternative to acquisition, CardioOne is a management services partner that enables independent physicians to unlock their full potential, while retaining full ownership of their practice.

About Us

CardioOne is a next-generation partner for independent cardiology physicians. Built to ease the burden of managing a practice, while accelerating clinical quality, financial performance and growth.

Our vision

Empower cardiologists to remain independent and thrive in an increasingly demanding practice environment.

Our mission

Provide independent cardiologists with the advantages of national and regional scale by leveraging CardioOne’s network, technology, services, contracts and expertise.

Our impact

Enable practices to deliver the most advanced care and achieve sustainable growth, while preserving clinical autonomy and breaking free of administrative overload.

The future of cardiology will be led by independent physicians.

Maintain Your Clinical Autonomy

As an alternative to acquisition or employment, our Practice Partners make all clinical decisions for their practices and benefit from the support of a broader network.

Enable Innovation
with Data

CardioOne’s technology and integrated analytics platform enables physicians to efficiently address patient needs and drive greater practice value.

Leverage Comprehensive Support & Expertise

We support your practice, so you can focus on your patients. Our best-in-class systems, personnel, and infrastructure streamlines your operations and workflows—without the administrative hassle.

Fuel Your Practice For Growth

CardioOne empowers a confident path to scale your practice. We equip partners with clinical, operational, and financial capabilities to add new services, referral sources, clinicians, facilities and payor contracts, including value-based care.


“As a practice owner for 20 years, I recognized the need for a partner like CardioOne. They help support my practice so I can focus on taking care of patients. I am also excited about the future in value-based care and know I have the right partner to help us get there”

Barbara Hutchinson, MD PhD FACC
Owner of Chesapeake Cardiac Care in Bowie, MD

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Become a CardioOne Partner

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