Technology, Talent
and Administrative Support

Empowering the nation’s leading cardiologists.

CardioOne helps practices deliver superior clinical outcomes and achieve sustainable growth through cutting-edge technology, robust practice management support and industry expertise.

Technology Platform

Leap forward with CardioOne’s fully integrated  platform. Our technology stack is custom-built with cardiologists in mind, enhancing both patient and provider experiences.

Best-in-Class Electronic Health Record System

Patient Portal, Telehealth & Engagement

Dictation, PACS, Rounding Solution, Other Tools

Cardiac Workflows, Templates, Macros

Integrated RCM, Eligibility & Prior Authorizations

Practice Optimization Programming

Power your practice with CardioOne’s differentiated operating model. We integrate within your practice, providing the extra people and operational support you need to run your practice efficiently.

Dedicated Practice Operations Consultant

Practice Management Tool

Regional Practice Manager Support

Workflow Optimization

Supply & Inventory Management

Strategy & Growth Engine

Acquire and retain more patients with CardioOne’s patient-first service model. We centralize your growth and branding operations to maximize efficiency.

Network Development

Website Development & Management

Online Reputation Management & SEO

Strategic Advisory Services

Social Media Management

Staff Management

Let us be responsible for your staff so you can focus on caring for patients. We'll manage the day-to-day people operations for your practice, providing tools typically not available to smaller- or medium-sized groups.

Adjunct Human Resource Manager

Payroll & Benefit Management

Compliance & Trainings

Retention Programming

Recruitment & Talent Development

Value-Based Care Focused Cardiology Tools

Power your practice with CardioOne’s differentiated solution model. Strengthen your clinical approach and deliver best-in-class treatment with an advanced and connected infrastructure at the forefront of care.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Population Health Analytics

Care Coordination

Chronic Care Management

MIPS Support

Enhanced Payer Contract Network

Create incremental value by leveraging CardioOne’s  health plan expertise and network to help practices transition to value-based care.

Payer Relationship Management

Contract Rate Analysis

Contract Performance Monitoring

Payer Enrollment & Credentialing

Value-Based Care Contracting


Why CardioOne? We provide independent physicians with scale.

Become a CardioOne partner and advance your practice with our purpose-built technology and infrastructure, driving clinical, operational and financial efficiencies.

Join a powerful network of the nation’s top cardiac specialists, focused on sustained growth and independence into the future.

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